Enrich the beauty of your home with simple items without being extravagant

You might have been to different places around the world and stayed in many posh five star hotels in different cities across the world. But, have you ever felt the same as you have been at home? No place in the world creates such a feeling of belongingness as your home does. We take utmost care about our home and everything we buy for our home whether it is a simple door mat or expensive wardrobe.

Furniture for Home Décor

What could be the best furniture for home decoration? And would you prefer to buy simple items of wooden furniture or make them on your own? Read on to know which is a better for you and why is it so.

Furnish your home with beautiful items of furniture

Home without proper furniture offers an empty and vacant look as if nobody is living in there. You must furnish your home with the most essential items like chairs, dining table along with chairs, bed, dressing table and wardrobe. In addition to the essential furniture, you might consider going for some more items like wooden tables and corners shelves.

When you are selecting the beautification furniture items which are not so essential, you must exercise caution and care and choose the items that enrich the beauty of your home. There are certain factors that you must consider when you for furniture items purely for beautification purpose. Let us see what they are.

Which is better buying or making on your own?

You have got two choices: either you can go for outright purchase of new furniture or you can make your own furniture. What is your choice? If you are totally new to making wooden furniture items I cannot suggest you to make your furniture items. But there is nothing wrong to learn and try making small furniture items like a stool, tea table, children’s study table etc.

On the other hand, if you have got some experience in making wooden furniture items, I strongly suggest you to make a few items of your choice. If you are able to work with most of the tools to make wooden furniture, it will be very easy for you to make furniture items for your home.

Living Room Furniture

What tools can you use? I think many of the latest tools are very easy to work with. They don’t require too much physical effort. The power tools enable to work easily. Tools like power saws, routers make your task easier. Moreover, it is very easy to use them. Recently I have taken DEWALT DWP611PK wood router which I found very convenient and easier to use. I have made three corner tables with it within a span of three weeks working just one hour every day. I am not a professional wood worker – it is my leisure time activity.

Select simple items that enrich beauty without being extravagant

The secret of beauty lies in simple designs. Choose the items that are simple by their design. A simple design doesn’t mean that it is not beautiful. If you think that only extravagant designs and intricate patterns make beautiful things, I think, you need to relook at your sense of beauty.

Never ever consider that it is only the most complex designs and many complicated patterns lend beauty to furniture items. They are beautiful and there is no doubt about it. But, at the same time, the simple and innovative designs attract us most elegantly.

It is a novel idea that catches our attention rather than the superficial decoration of a piece which is made in the old fashion. When you are doing wooden furniture items on your own, select a few simple designs and think of how you can make them look different.

Plan to make some on your own and save money

When your pocket won’t allow you to go for making big furniture items, select items that are useful at your home and which are simple. Choosing simple items to make saves not only your money but also your time. By making a small innovation in the design, you can make it look entirely new.

Just see some of the simple furniture items like corner tables, wall decorations, tea tables, TV table, and kids’ study table etc. Find new models of making them by visiting the retail wood furniture stores either online or offline and study the model for a few minutes.

solid wood furniture for home decorating

If you like a particular model and decided to work on that, spend some more time studying the exact measurements and requirements to make it. It is easier for you to find information on many websites which provide you all the information you require.

Choose the right tools before you start your work

After choosing the item and the design, the next step to plan is the right set of tools. Plan what tools are required for making the item you have chosen. The table saw, grills, routers and scales are some of the few things you need. In addition, you can have some materials for making the surface smooth and remove the roughness.

When you are selecting a wood router, I have got a few words of advice for you as my experience has enabled me to choose the right kit for making home furniture for decoration. Choose a router that is easier to use and convenient for your purpose. The best one for making home decoration furniture is DEWALT DWP611PK router. It has got all the features that you look for in router. Moreover, it makes your task easier and enjoyable.

Home Interior Decoration Style That Boost Beauty of Your Home

Home interior decorating is a great opportunity with which you can explore yourself. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your hobbies, hobbies in furniture, skill and various tradition even. Each style have their own characteristics which depends on the need of a person or sometime it depends on the budget you have.

Budget for Home Interior Decorating

Budget is generally near the top of the list when coming up with programs of interior decorating of your home. It is straightforward to check out a design and want to redesign it in your home. Sometimes the facts in decorating design are very expensive which might create hurdles for you.

Don’t be disappointed then, there are always alternative suggestions to help you reach your desire goal. Resources such as books, magazines as well as television programs and websites are incredibly helpful with ideas that help you for decorating your home interior. These resources enable you to find the exact problem that you have with your home interiors.

Primitive Home Interior Style

primitive home decor

If you love with color and real home interior design, there are several designs to choose from. Primitive home interior design is popular since it specializes in old and handmade products. This is an excellent way to display collectables as well as other hand made treasures you have.

This style of recommend using of old looking accessories and furniture, worn, antique as well as stained. If you’re individual who likes antiques, this style might be best for your home. So select the color that are warm and dark coloring paint is recommended.

Whimsical Home Interior Style

Another style that you might find suitable is the whimsical style decorating. This design permits you to be a wild with your imagination. Utilization of your favorite color scheme with your favorite space is what this style have because it’s a color focused style. The main this that you must know is, if you select bold as well as vibrant color don’t go of the hue and not combine the other color scheme.

Traditional Home Interior Style

When you have difficulty converting from old one into latest home interior design, traditional design might be best for you. This home interior design style combines the past as well as modern day interior design. Space in the home is major factor that this theme have. For making best atmosphere, original colors such as natural color scheme is recommended for the wall surface.

To include a bunch of color to the traditional design, bold color scheme is used for furniture and fixture for these type of styles.Crystal accessories are best option for these type of traditional style. You could also like to then add artwork that help you to groom your space. If you are using traditional theme than painting with timber frame is a great idea.

traditional living room

There are plenty of other home interior decorating style which you can choose according to your budget, needs, and personality. Each of these style had used different furnishing products and accessories. You can get more information regarding these things online on internet.

Some Extra Tips for Your Room Decorating With Above Styles

Below are a few quick and simple tips which you can use to enhance your rooms that you can do yourself without spending huge budget;

Be sure to have a center point in your room. The room will need to have this point which draw visitor attention when they enter in the room. For an instant you can use any portrait or any antique style picture which quickly reflect the visitor eye towards itself.

Try to use positive color scheme the rooms where you spend almost all of your time when you are at home. You intend to have colors that provide you positive energy during time you spent at that space which also help you to get rid of work stress and stay fresh.

The furnishings should go well with the other person in proportions as well as also match well within the real space. For instance if you have a little room, climbing of a chandelier from the roof will seem to be very away of place. The proper balance and size percentage can work miracles even if rooms that don’t possess much furniture or seems to have nothing at all to be pleased about.

Each and every things in the room should maintain harmony with one another. Everything must show that it belongs to the space where it is positioned.

Use proper lamps to attain the desire feeling that you would like for the moment when it’s needed. You may easily use a dimmer swap that is linked to a wall sconce or a roof light and put it to use accordingly to season or time of your day.

Pretty Up Your Swimming Pool

Finding the right house for you might not be an easy task to do. There are a lot of things to think about, like the location, the price, the design, and what’s on the inside. You have to look thoroughly in each house, to find which one that’s the best for you.

Every house would have something that not other houses have. It would be the reason you choose this house to the other houses. This house might have a big garden while the others probably don’t even have that. This house might have a feature that other houses didn’t have.

One of it is a swimming pool. Of course, not all houses have this feature. Before you buy a house with a swimming pool, you might want to think about it very well. It’s a big commitment. There are some advantages and disadvantages that you should know first.

By having your own pool, it would be the first step to a healthier life. You and your family, the young and old generation, could easily swim just at the back of your house. Of course, it will be simpler rather than have to go to a club or gym. You could also use it whenever you want.

In Home Swimming Pools

Besides as way or a place to exercise, it could also be an entertainment area. You could relax by the pool probably reading some books. It could also be the place where you do your works, perhaps to get more inspirations and change of an atmosphere from the office. It could also be the place to party or just a place to hang out with your family and friends.

On the other sides, if you compare the money you have to spend on the maintenance to the monthly bills for a club or a gym membership, the maintenance would be so much more expensive. It’s surely not an easy home chore to do. It could also be a dangerous thing if you have little kids because they could jump into the pool without knowing that they could drown in it. A swimming pool is also not an obligation that it will improve your house’s value, not all people would like to have a pool and do their extra chores.

After you finally decided to buy a house with a swimming pool, it’s not a cheap investment, so you want to try to make the most of it. There are two ways to do it, always do the maintenance stuff and decorate it. If that thing is working properly, organized, and good to look at, it will motivate you to use it. So, the investment won’t be a waste.

The first thing to talk about is the maintenance. Things that are essential in taking care of a pool are the cleanness of the pool, a clean pool will invite people for a dip, the filter that keeps the water clean, the chemicals in the pool that affect to the pH of the water and what will keep the water clean, and the cleanness inside the pool like algae.

swimming pool house designs

The second thing is about the decorations. If the pool is clean, it will attract you to use it. If the area around the pool and the pool itself is well decorated, it will even attract people to use the backyard more for than just for a swim. You could maximize it for a party, a BBQ feast, a dinner, or just a place to hang out and relax. Those decorations would be better if it’s useful, which you could get more benefit from it. Here are some ideas;


Have some greenery in the backyard and around the swimming pool would definitely help create a shade so the sun didn’t blaze right through your body. But the plants must be a strong one or it would easily blow off to the pool. Also, having some plants near the pool would make it dirty quite fast.


A great reminder to the pool’s rules, what you could and couldn’t do in the pool, or a good quote about swimming and exercise.

Cargo net or pool storage bins

To organize your pool tools that are usually big like pool noodles or floats.

Towel stand

A great way put your towels so it’s easier to get it and if it’s wet, it won’t drip to the lounge chair.

Pool lights

A nice touch to also help show where the pool is so people don’t fall down and a nice decoration for a party.

Pool stools

You could these for a party so you could sit and talk in the pool and there are also the one that could light up so you will know where to sit.


If you have the extra budget to decorate your pool, adding a waterfall might be a good idea.


If you like adventure, probably you also like a hammock, and you could put it on the side of the pool or wherever you like at your backyard.

Home Swimming Pool Design Adds Value to Homes


Besides as a decoration, this could also be a lighting and where to got if it’s getting cold while you are swimming.

Decorated decks

The side of the pool is also important to look beautiful so you could relax in there while not using the pool.

Lounge chair or couch

A very important thing to have so you can relax or get some tan.


A bar might be an important aspect in a party. A nice bar at the decks or even in the pool can be a twist for a party.

Add These Wooden Things For Your Convenient in The Garden

Having a big garden is sure, I might say, a blessing, especially if you are living in a big city. Yep, because as the price for a piece of land is getting higher and higher, it’s getting harder to find a house on the ground. People are moving to a taller building like an apartment.

If you have a big garden, you should take care of it because it might be an added value to your house. Taking care of your garden is not easy and might be an expensive task to do. It’s not an easy task to do because there are a lot of things to do from checking out the soil to see if your plants are going to survive or not, and to water your plants regularly. Also, it’s going to be expensive because you would need a lot of basic tools and those specialty tools to do the job.

You might not realize that by having and taking care of your garden, could give you some benefits:

  1. Your entertainment and relax place. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you could do in the garden.
  2. A healthy living lifestyle as plants could reduce pollution.
  3. Taking care of them could be your exercise.

With all the tools that you have, you might be out of spaces to storage them. You could build these things to help you organize them. A great looking and organized garden would make you get more of the benefits. These wooden items of furniture would help you with those.

Wood is the right material for this furniture because it’s durable so it could keep up with the weather outside, it’s strong so it could hold all of your garden tools which are quite heavy, and it could create a more relaxing and healthier lifestyle. As always, there are two ways that you could do to have these things, it’s either buy it or build it.

 Overlap Wooden Cold Frame

I would suggest you to build it because the project is quite simple, it would be a lot cheaper rather than you buying them, you could have more control over it, and this could be your exercise in woodworking before you do a bigger project. One of the most important tool to have to build these things is a wood router. Make sure to buy the best wood router that you could afford to get the best result in the cutting process.

Garden Shed

A shed is a single-storey roofed structure in a back garden. This is like a small storage house in your garden. You probably have seen it in a lot of movies. You could build it in whatever size that suits your garden. You could put a lot of things, especially bigger things that won’t fit in any other places. Also, I suggest that you keep all the supplies in here, the things that you won’t really need regularly. So, this would prevent you to go back and forth to take things from the garden shed. If you have quite a big shed, you could also use them as your studio and to storage other things like firewood, bicycle or even your motorcycle.

The model of a garden shed is pretty simple, it’s like building a small house although there are some that looked like a cupboard. You could make some modifications and play with the design. Some garden sheds have windows while some do not have. There are some sheds that are made for a corner. Some might have a single door while some might have a double door. Some might go wider while some might go taller. You could also use your garden shed as a potting shed inside it. This storage shed is super customizable.

Diamond Classic Garden Sheds

Garden Bench

Of course, you would need a bench for your garden for people to sit and enjoy the garden. It doesn’t need to be super big but obviously need to adjust to how big your garden is. People might not realize but you could also storage some of your tools under it.

The shape could be just as simple as a rectangle and look like a box so you could open them. You could also add some wheels to make it easier if you want to move them and also a handlebar to help people open them or when you are about to move it.

For a modification, you could also put a panel and shelves at one side of the bench so you could put more things on it. This might cause a little bit of discomfort while sitting on the bench because there are those things that you put up. Or you could just put them on the wall.

Driftwood Garden Bench


Rather than bringing the tools with you while doing some gardening tasks and the thought of how you need to hold the tools one by one because it would be a mess. Or if you have to walk around just to get the tools that you need. So, with a trolley, you could storage, put them on it, and help your task easier.

The trolley usually has two levels where you could put your tools on. The gap between those levels is usually quite high so you could put those big tools on the lower level. It also needs handlebar to help you move it around and wheels to help your mobility.

The important notes when carpentering the wooden bed

If you want a wooden bed, you can have someone carpenter it or make it by yourself. To be able to home-make a wooden bed, the Internet has plenty of tutorial videos for you. Ideally, you should buy for yourself a Best Router Table for ease in carpenter the other wooden furniture in the next time. Read Top rated best router table reviews for 2016 to be capable of picking a very good and durable one.

In the today article we will share specifically about making the wooden bed and things to note:

1. To have a good and deep sleep, you need to choose a balance and suitable bed so that to comfortably change sleeping positions. So what is the size you should select to have a good bed?

The common sizes of 2 usual types of bed are: 0.99m x 1.9m, 0.99m x 2.03m, 1.37m x 1.9m for single beds; and 1.52m x 2:03m, 1.98m x 2.03m, 1.82m x 2.13m for double beds.

Depending on the size of the room and using objects that we decide to carpenter what type of bed, for children you should only select the single bed form with the length and width suiting the body of babies. As for adults, you can use a large single bed for one person and a double bed for married couples. In fact, everyone wants to own a comfortable big bed to sleep better, but you must base on the space of the room to set up and select the bed fit your bedroom.

wooden beds

When ordering the bed, remember to remind the carpenter thoroughly and when delivering the bed, need to check the size inner the bed (i.e. the place of mattress) whether it gets the minimum size above or not, because it must not lack, even 0.5 cm

Though, to have nice and comfortable beds during using, you should order wider by about 1-2cm on each size.

Thank to order wider like that, you will be easier when replacing the bed sheets, mattresses or set the curtains….

If the bed does not meet the minimum size above, when buying the mattresses, you have to order and wait for them, in general it is difficult. Besides, if you want to buy a beautiful blanket, it can’t be mounted fitly.

Even when the well-known premium brands carpenter the beds but do not check carefully, there is still lacking of size usually, because bed making needs many manual operations, the faults are can’t be avoided.

Apart from concerning about the size, when carpentering the wooden bed we also need to choose more about style, wood material, paint, as well as know how to examine the quality of your bed if it is standard on wood or structure.

2. Choose the styles of wooden beds

The designs of wooden beds are varied and plentiful depending on the habits of each person to get different styles like: the modern veneer wood bed, the bed designed with storage drawers under the chassis, the bed with mattress as low as the bed surface…

3. How about the color for the wooden beds

The color of the bed, wardrobe, and dressing table should be the same tone and must be mellifluously mixed with the wall and wooden floor color.

Some good-quality paints are used in making wooden furniture:

  • Bauchem, Inchem, Btchem Paint
  • Nippon Paint

You should ask clearly what kind of paint is used for the wooden bed.

4. The wood materials to carpenter the beds

Overall the bed can be carpentered by natural wood or industrial timber. But the price for a bed made of natural wood is often only higher than an industrial timber bed by 20%, so you ought to make for yourself a natural wooden bed.

A natural wood bed will be much firmer and give you the feeling that its usage better than an industrial timber bed.

The types of wood often used to carpenter the beds are: teak, oak and ash. While the teak costs relatively high, oak and ash are priced lower and used more widely than teak.

So if you are not asked to use the teak material, it is right to choose oak and ash materials to make the bed.

Kingsbury Oak Wooden Bed Frame

5. After carpentering the wooden bed, you should also know how to preserve it to be always fresh, beautiful and durable.

Excessive humidity or dryness is an enemy of wooden furniture. Too much humidity could cause mold in your furniture, and dryness could make the furniture lost its natural luster and weaken the joints. Keeping this delicate balance for your wooden furniture is very important to preserve them to lengthen their lifetime. Below are several advices to prevent dryness or moisture from breaking down your wooden furniture:

  • Avoid putting the wooden furniture in the bathroom or laundry area because they can cause the exposure to moisture excessively.
  • Keeping the suitable temperature in your house. A big temperature changes could impact more on moisture surviving in the air.

Home Décor – Best tips and suggestions

Decorating a new house using varying tips not only satisfies us and makes us feel good, but it also reflects our personality. Different Fashion and interior designing magazines and TV programs inform us as well as inspire us to try new tips out. These new designs and tips introduce us to contemporary trends in the real world of fashion. So keep reading to explore new magical ways of transforming the look of your house!

Lifestyle and Decoration

Your bedroom, if beautifully decorated, conveys the lifestyle that you have adopted to your visitors. So make sure you decorate your room in such a beautiful manner so that it perfectly delineates your living style. TV programs and Fashion magazines are best sources to get to know about home décor trends that are being followed round the globe. But before embarking on the decoration journey, keep some of these questions in your mind:

  • How many family members are there?
  • What are their ages?
  • Do you have a pet?

Do not consider these questions unimportant as they can have a great impact on your home decoration and arrangement. If you want to make your house look beautifully decorated with little effort and struggle, then you have to pay close attention to the decoration of the floor and furniture items of your house as well.

luxury living home decoration idea

While choosing the material of small as well as large things for your house, bear in mind the future feasibility with regards to cleaning and maintenance. Intricate woodwork looks appealing but if you are a working lady, you might find yourself having no time to clean the dirt particles that have settled in the design. Similarly, getting your floor carpeted instead of having a wooden floor could make your floor look dirty in no time.

Choose the right decorative furniture

Give yourself some time to think before buying decorative furniture for your house. If you are still unsure, seek good interior designer’s help who can guide you better about the furniture that will go well with your room and house size. Or a cheaper way to get help is to look up for assistance on internet where you can easily find hundreds of blogs and articles providing useful information regarding furniture.

Too much wooden furniture can give your house a very suffocating look. So try to find a balance between wooden, glass and metallic furniture. Though glass furniture can turn out to be expensive and fragile, it gives your house a very sophisticated look. Metallic furniture can be a bit uncomfortable if it is not made well.

Nowadays, there are many articles on internet that tell about creative, yet cheaper, ways to decorate doors, windows, curtains, floor and walls of your house. So do a good research before buying your furniture. And never overlook your preference – if you like wooden furniture, go for it. After all, only you will be using that furniture, not other bloggers living thousands of miles away.

Home Decorating Ideas

Estimate your budget

Once you are done with choosing the furniture type, your next step should be to plan your budget.

Not everyone can afford everything. You need to figure out how much money you can allocate for buying new furniture. Keeping the budgeted amount into consideration, make a proper list of furniture items that you intend to buy. They can range from couches, tables, chairs to chests, showcases and dividers. Now you have to think about those items that you can compromise buying on. Some items might not be too important and can be ones where you can save some money, and other items might be too important, thus warding off all possibilities of saving money.

However, the most important thing is to stick to your budget. Do NOT spend beyond your budget to avoid subsequent financial constraints. But do NOT be too ridiculously hard-and-fast about the money you can spend. If something costs slightly more, try to arrange some extra to avoid missing on a good deal. And if you can postpone buying some extra thing, do it to not let the good deal slip out of your hand.

home decoration tips

Maintain Focus

If you are focusing on decorating your bedroom, do NOT move on to decorating other rooms in your house. Maintain focus. Do not think about decorating them unless you are done with decorating your current room. But in doing so, make sure you do not spend too much time on decorating one room. Doing this will drain away time and you will not be able to decorate your entire house well. So plan things beforehand and give equal time to decorating all rooms. Eventually you will have a well decorated house in a reasonable time.

We hope these invaluable suggestions will make your home decoration worthwhile. Stay tuned for more blogs!

Unusual Pattern? Weird Color? Great Walls? Why Not?

The most personal room in a house is your own bedroom. The place where all of your secrets lay off. That is also probably where you spend most of your time when you are in your house. As a house should be comfortable, so does every room in it, especially the bedroom.

The furniture, how clean it is, how organized it is, the floor, the bed, and other stuff that will make your bedroom looks good and makes you feel comfortable. But don’t forget about the walls. It is also important because that’s what you are going to stare at until your next bedroom renovation.


This is probably one of the easiest ways to decorate your bedroom’s wall. There is a whole range of colors, patterns, pictures, basically, anything you wanted. It is easy to apply them, to maintain them, to take it off, and if you carefully find them I bet you would get the design that you wanted with a reasonable price. Don’t be afraid to play with any color or any pattern.

Bedroom Wallpapers

Brick or rock walls

These materials might not be a common one to decorate a bedroom but it will be a nice touch to your room. It adds texture and gives more feelings when in the room. Brick and rock might be common to decorate the outside part of a house but when you bring it inside, it needs special treatment to maintain them, and it’s not cheap either.

If you find it too complicated and too expensive, or if you rent the place so you can’t modify it as you like there is always another way. The alternative is to make it yourself like a faux brick wall or even a faux rock. You could use a styrofoam board or any materials that you like to make them.


Yes, another uncommon materials to be put on your walls. Same with the brick and rock, it will also add some textures and feels to the room. For me, everything would be better if there’re some woods. Of course, you have to pay attention to what kind of wood that you wanted to put up.

If you use just the ordinary plywood’s, it won’t look as good as it should be. Actually, you could use any kind of wood that you want. Some people use pine woods, some use larch wood, and some use reclaimed woods. Just make sure the wood’s characters is fit to be put up on the walls and the grains would look good to look at.


This is the most common people use to decorate their walls. The choices of colors are endless. You could also mix the colors to create a unique color. You could paint all of your bedroom’s walls the same color but you could also play with it.

You could paint them until it forms a pattern, you could make it like an ombré color using several shades of the color that you want, or paint them anything you like. Don’t be afraid to play with any color, anything would go well and looks good if you like them.

Best Paint For Bedroom Walls


As painting them is also a form of an art on your wall, you could also use your walls as your museum for an art. You could put up your photos, drawings, painting, and even cover your whole walls with bookshelves. You would feel super comfortable being in your bedroom because you are surroundedby things that you love. That would help you to keep up the positive feelings in the room.


Although not a lot of people use screens anymore in their house, of course, you could still use them. Besides this will give some sort of an extra room, like where you change, this will give your bedroom a vintage look.


This will bea unique way to decorate your bedroom. If you are a dancer and you like to do some practicing in your room you could install a mirrored wall. You could also put it up on one wall then make it into a nice makeup section of your room. You could also make it into a mirrored pattern.


There are a lot more that you can do to your bedroom’s walls. A lot of DIY projects that you could do such as make a neon sign, make a collage but this would be quite a hard work, or put up your favorite quote.

Interior Design

The choices to decorate your bedroom’s walls are endless. It is your canvas and you have to make it interesting. The bedroom is your personal and private room so make it as you wish and as you like. But don’t forget about the budget, their lifespan, and how to maintain them. It should be cheap and easy, not become another chore of yours because it easily gets dirty or easily gets a problem.

Some tips on how to paint your wall?

People who have a house for themselves often think of a do it yourself activities: paint the walls of their house. This is a very effective way to refresh your room and create a whole new mood for your life. This is not a complicated task but it is not something simple either. Just take a bucket of paint, a brush and go to work with your wall may not result in a beautiful wall. Sometimes you can even ruin both your wall and your floor. So it is better to prepare yourself with some guides and tips first. In the below article, we will introduce some simple tips that will assist you greatly in painting your wall properly.

1. Tip 1 – Do not try to make do with a lack of tools. Prepare enough the tools that you will need

For painting a wall, you will need the basic tools as below:
 – Canvas: You will need something to cover the floor, therefore avoid paint drips from ruining your floor. You can find cheap plastic dedicated for this purpose in many stores. Yet we recommend you against them. Go for canvas instead, the reason will be explained to you in the related part below.
 – A portable ladder: You need a portable ladder to paint the upper part of your walls. Choose a good one; it is important to have a strong and trustworthy ladder for your safety.
 – Paint: Choose the color that you want. Check out the smell, too. Prepare primer together with your main paint.
 – Paint brush, paint roller and paint sprayer: Paint brushes is easy to find everywhere, but look out when buying one, do not choose ones with too loose hairs, they will damage your painting. Paint rollers will help you to speed up the painting and create an even surface on your wall. Paint sprayers will be very useful if you are to work with a great deal of surface because they are simply fast, much more than brushes or rollers. With countless types of paint sprayers out there in the market, it is recommended that you read some paint sprayer reviews before choosing one. One of the most popular paint sprayers nowadays is HVLP (high volume low pressure) paint sprayer; there are also a lot of the best HVLP paint sprayer reviews for your information. (You can see more at http://www.zentiz.com/top-10-best-paint-sprayer-reviews/)

2. Tip 2 – Even the best paint cannot work on a bad surface. To begin with, prepare you wall to have a good surface

To have a good surface, you should do some work all over the surface of your wall. There may be several holes, cracks or other types of surface imperfection. You can scrape them, sand them or fill them. This job is not fun; it is – on the other hand – tiring. Yet it is the fundamental part to have a good painting on your wall. Even the best paint cannot hide a cracked surface, so be patient and work on the surface for a while.

3. Tip 3 – Do not forget the primer, tent it

A wall painted with primer and one painted without it will have a big difference. The primer will block the stains and strengthen the adhesion of the paint, therefore reducing peeling.
To have better result, you should tent the primer by mixing the paint into it. This will help you to hide the primed coat completely after the painting has finished.
Some of the new paint type will have primer mixed into them. However, the priming result is not as good as using the true primer.

4. Tip 4 – Cover your floor with canvas

There is a reason why we recommend you use canvas instead of other drip-resistant tools. Canvas is far more durable than any other types. It lessens the possibility of tripping. Not to mention that it can cover difficult corners. After using, you can easily clean it and put it into a good place, waiting for the next use.

5. Tip 5 – Keep the paint from drying overnight

Wall painting sometimes may last overnight. How are you going to treat your painting brush, roller? Clean them? It is not a bad idea, but it would be too time-consuming.
You can simply use plastic food wrap to wrap tightly around them. This will help you to keep them wet. The next day, just unwrap them and use again.

What makes your home either loathsome or lovely?

Would it be possible for you to imagine your home without any furniture? Empty walls and vacant rooms cannot make your home what it is today. You must have exercised enough caution and care in selecting each and every item of furniture at home. Every item of furniture at your home must have undergone your rigorous scrutiny before you bought it.

It’s your discretion that makes your home lovely or loathsome

Good judgment in choosing what items fit your home and what item won’t make a lot of difference to your home. What are the items you bought recently? Did you exercise enough care and caution when you purchased it? Usually what points do you consider before you make any purchase, especially furniture items?

I would like to share with you some of the best acknowledged ideas that have won the admiration of many connoisseurs of home furniture design.

Home Designs Furniture

Break the boredom of routine designs and models 

The routine and regular designs make your home ordinary looking. Go for innovative designs that are new and trendy. Search for the latest designs that are unique and trendy. If you are going for the same old ordinary designs, there won’t be anything new and special about them. Your home looks like every other home you have seen.

Simple but innovative designs create awesome experience            

Innovation is the key for breaking the monotony. When everything you buy is an imitation of some other model that has been in use quite for a long time, it won’t look fashionable.

Recently, I saw an innovative design of wall decorations. They are flying birds carrying your key chains and delicately balancing small decorative pieces on their wings. The wooden birds arranged on 45 degrees line give the impression of flying. They caught my attention when I saw them first. I think I have kept looking at them for a while.

It’s the unique designing of a key chain holder that captivated my attention!

Innovative designs don’t mean complex and expensive items

Innovative designs for home furniture do not necessarily mean complex designs with many intricate patterns. Expensive items of furniture need not be necessarily innovative in their designs. What you need to see while buying a new furniture item is to go for innovative designs that are unique.

Even I don’t suggest going for expensive home furniture designs. When you love novelty, you don’t like to keep the same furniture items for a long time. You would keep changing them once in two years or so.

Home Furniture Design On Behance

Keep changing the home furniture items before they get too old

As long as your pocket permits, I would like you to go for changing the furniture items at least once in two or three years. Don’t keep the same furniture items too long until they develop repairs. I never suggest going for repairs for the furniture items when you are keen on going for the latest designs.

There is no point in keeping the damaged pieces of furniture when you can dispose them off and go for new designs. You can do that provided that your pocket allows that. If you are looking for saving money, I have other ideas about how to keep your home furniture designs new without spending too much money on them. I will discuss them in my next blog.

Don’t keep the old items and accumulate unnecessary garbage

I have seen many people keeping the old things at home even after they have become dysfunctional. It seems to me that people develop some strong attachment with certain things which makes them cling to the old things which occupy more space and offer the looks of a garage with a dump of old and broken parts.

Would you like to keep your home literally like a garage where you find all unnecessary old things every where?

I am much against to keeping old things when their time is due. Never ever allow the old and spoiled items accumulate at your home. Don’t provide any room for such things at your home. Find time and immediately dispose them off. Cleaning the unnecessary stuff and adding more space for free movement in your rooms goes a long way in making them more decent and attractive.

Prefer simple wooden items to multipart metal items

What is your choicest material for the furniture items at your home? Do you prefer wooden items or metal items? What’s your choice?

If you ask me, I will always suggest that going for wooden items is preferable to metal items. There are many advantages in going for wooden items as they absorb sound and temperature. Moreover, they offer a decent and elegant look to your home. I always go for wooden furniture items when I want to buy any furniture items.

Home Decoration: Take Care of the Basics

Your home decoration reflects what you value most and what you like most. It communicates indirectly what sort of person you are and what your tastes are. Home decoration goes a long way in revealing your personality and values to others. So what care should you take to see that your home reflects what you really value most?

What home decoration means to you

Obviously, home decoration means different things to different people. Let us see what it means to you. Is it just keeping your home clean and neat? Is it keeping everything in a systematic and orderly fashion? Is it painting the walls with attractive colors? Does it mean spending more money on keeping your home attractive? Attractive to whom, to you or to your visitors? These questions make it clear what your real purpose in decorating your home.

Decorating Your Home

These questions prompt us to think a bit more deeply about home decoration. Decoration doesn’t need to be taken in the literal sense of the word. You need not throw your money on decorative pieces that might enrich the look of your home. It doesn’t even mean neglecting the aesthetic aspect completely. You need to strike a balance between what is artistic and what is economical and decent.

Not just keeping Home Décor

Don’t be misled by the idea that by keeping some excellent home décor pieces here and there on the walls and at the corners can make your home beautiful and attractive. Without a proper understanding of the basic things, there is no meaning in stuffing your living room and bed room with some expensive items.

Convenience vs. appearance

To be frank, I cannot suggest you to go for home decoration at the cost of your convenience and comfort. For example, when your living room is small and cannot accommodate too many items of furniture, you can’t expect to add a few more pieces of furniture to make it attractive. If you do so, it will make your living room very congested and unlivable. Give importance to convenience rather than to appearance.

What makes your home attractive?

It’s a good question. What makes your home elegant and attractive? There is an old saying which says ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. What is beautiful and appealing to you may not be beautiful and appealing to the other person. Our perceptions of beauty differ from individual to individual.

In the absence of a commonly agreed definition of what is beautiful, it is rather difficult to suggest anyone to do this and not to do that.

However, there is something in every one of us that tells us what is gaudy and what is elegant. Just believe in your instinct and see if anything is ugly and inappropriate at a particular place.

Erbil Home Interior Interiors

Decency and Decorum

Decency and decorum go together. A fine balance in anything we do gives us a sense of decency and decorum. Too much of anything spoils the beauty of it though it is very elegant on its own. Strike a balance in what you are doing to your home to make it attractive.

Nothing makes your home more attractive than cleanliness and good maintenance. Get your home cleaned twice a day and see that windows panes and glasses are cleaned with cloth regularly. Maintain cleanliness in all aspects. Sometimes, it happens that the appearance is okay, but he foul smell from some unknown corner will destroy the pleasant experience totally.

Keep Living Space in Mind

I strongly suggest for your home wall decorations and corner tables or corner shelves that do not occupy much of our living space in the room and hinder our free movement. Keeping enough space for free movement is important, especially if the room is small.

The basic things that make the living room lively should be given top priority. We should keep in mind that proper ventilation is highly important for a living room. Free flow of air and light make the room lively. Keep these two essential things in mind when you are going for decorating the living room.

Once these basic considerations are taken care of, you can do many other things to enhance the beauty of the room. That is why I suggest decorative items that do not take away the available space and cause any blocks for the free passage of the light.

Wall Décor and Hangings

When you find the walls of the living room empty without any pictures on them, it gives a pale and colorless look to your living room. Select some wall decorations that make the room attractive by their presence. Beautiful wall hangings are a good option. Wall paintings will be more attractive if the dimensions of the room are spacious enough.

Wall Shelves

If you want to use keep some decorative pieces, it is a good idea to keep wall shelves that come in many fancy shapes. For example, the square shelves in three different sizes arranged in different styles will be very attractive. The wooden wall shelves with wall nut finish are quite trendy. The ‘U’ shape serial shelves in different sizes arranged in style lend attractive look to the walls. Moreover, you can keep small decorative pieces in the shelves.

wall shelves

Corner Wall Mount Shelves

Corner wall shelves are very attractive to look at and they can be used to keep some decorative toys and pieces to provide us a refreshing experience. Moreover, they don’t occupy any living space and don’t hinder anyone from moving freely in the room. You can keep the phone book, important note books like address books and letter boxes on them. Corner Shelves are both attractive and useful.

Wall Décor Stickers

If you want your walls reflect your creative and artistic tastes, you have a good number of options in the form of wall décor stickers. They are easily removable without causing any damage to the walls.

You find a rich variety of designs and colors that arrest our attention and keep us wonderstruck with their beauty. The latest editions of wall décor stickers include 3D designs that bring depth to the designs on the walls. They are simply stunning!

Any art admirer will fall in love with the beautiful wall stickers that are simply amazing!