Tips to follow to design a stunning small garden

A beautifully decorated garden is the best feature of any house or property. A beautiful house with a well decorated garden is not only visually appealing, but it will increase the value of the property itself. Gardening itself is a hobby for a large number of people, but not everyone is not lucky enough to have a large, aesthetically appealing garden at their premises. Or, else, it can say, a house with a large, well established garden is the luxury that not everyone can afford.

design a garden

But, the good news is that, you don’t need to have a huge plot to establish an exquisite garden and you can use any of the available plots, whether it’s the front yard or the backyard or maybe the postage stamp-sized plot beside the garage. It’s actually not the size of the plot that matters, instead your ideas and dedication which counts the most.

How to design a small garden

Designing a small garden is more challenging than designing a huge one, where you have the liberty to do or place things on your own. But, in a small garden, things are pretty difficult. Here, you can’t just put all the plants of your choices and make the area a complete mess.

The key secret of designing a small garden is less. Less is actually better and more. The more compact and organized the design is, the more fascinating the garden is. Everything in it actually counts, there is not a single spot to acquire whimsically. So, if you wish to design a small garden, the first step should be to make a full proof plan for your upcoming project.

  • It’s not the plants or the leaves or not even the flowers that make your garden beautiful, it’s all about planning. Small gardens are really tricky to decorate. With huge spaces, hiding things or diverting the focus onto other things is easier, but with tiny places, your scope is limited. A single unpleasant feature, or even a wrong plant can spoil the whole entity of the garden. So, the plan has to be perfect that well suited to the existing property.
  • Walk around the area to have a clear concept regarding the place you are going to work in. Look for the inspiration around, after determining the spot. Visiting nearby professional gardens can work as a great source of inspiration for your garden. Or, else, different magazines, websites are also there to help you out.
  • Though the area is small, but it demands more attention and effort while you want to turn it into a beautiful piece of art. Do a lot of research, each and every part of the garden should be pre planned. From a single plant that you want to have in the garden, to the each landscaping material, everything should be in count.
  • Prepare a rough sketch of the pre decided place. It does not matter, how small your garden is, a sketch will help you to visualise the place in total. Keep changing your drawings, until you find the right kind of design.
  • It’s not the plants that actually beautify garden, but the shape of the garden, which plays the main rule secretly behind. Plants can be the icing on the cake, but not the cake itself. It’s the shape of the garden, which is the main ingredient of an eye catching, exquisite garden. Plants simply fill the spaces.

Japanese Garden

  • Buy drafting papers, tracing papers, colors, etc., it’s the time to scale down your design. As you have finalised the design, scaling down will help you to get the exact measurement of the garden. Use color pencils to define various elements of the garden, for example, the various layers of the trees, landscaping elements, shrubs, grass, etc.
  • Just as you would love to play with the colors, as you headed before painting a house, do the same while designing a landscape. To give the right amount of emphasis, use the warm colors and cool colors wisely. Warm colors like red, yellow, orange, etc. are more vibrating and create the illusion of remaining nearer than actually they are; on the other hand, the cool colors like blue, purple, etc. are less eye catching and seem further away than their real places. As a reason, the cool colors are perfect for a garden adjacent to the house.
  • After finalising the design of your garden, the next step should be the selection of the plants. As I mentioned earlier, a single mistake can rip off the totality of the garden. Moreover, plants are not the showpieces that you placed on their respective places and the work is done. They need regular maintenance, as a reason, while selecting the plants, comparing your lifestyle with the plant’s needs is equally important. Do you have enough time to dedicate on the tomatoes or the herbs, if not, please pick the low maintenance plants for your garden.
  • Want to give your garden a contrasting look? A wide array of collectios is available in paving materials, building materials, types flowers and leaves, etc. to add vibrating features to your small garden. Pick the ones of your choices and needs.

Stone bench in garden


Paint the indoor and outdoor walls, fences of the garden with the lighter shades to create a light and free feeling. It will no longer feel claustrophobic. Vertical space is another important feature of a small garden, employ the spaces using shelves, hanging pots, etc. Container gardening is really appreciated for a small place, you can try it too for your little heaven.

Six easy tricks to give your kitchen a fresh look

A kitchen is the heart of any household, around which thousands of activities take place. Nowadays, the rooms are used for multipurpose. A living room is no longer a living room only, it works as a dining area too. Though the main function of a kitchen is preparing and cooking food, but the functionality of the  kitchen is no longer confined into cooking only, but it has turned into a place of socialising and spending quality time with the friends and family members.

I agree, you have a fabulous kitchen, but anything that persists for a long time, bound to create boredom. If are you thinking of some changes that will be minimal, but will have a great impact on the whole decor of the kitchen? Trust me, you are not alone, most of the house owners are struggling with the same idea, but not courageous enough to take the initial step. Here, I will share some secret tips that will transform the whole appearance of your kitchen, adding a different flavour to it.

Kitchen decor

Play with the colors

Does your kitchen looks tiring with the same hue, persisting for years. Why don’t you give a vibrant look to the kitchen, using some different colors. If you are planning to redesign or remodel your kitchen, my suggestion will be, giving the kitchen a complete fresh look and nothing can do it quicker than a fresh coating of colors.

Instead of using the same color and giving it a look of the hospital, you can surely play with the different hues. Give your imagination set free and be brave to pick the bold colors. In case of using the neutral colors as a base, select different areas like the seating, the counter tops, etc. to paint with different vibrating hues, instead of sticking to a single color. This contrasting feature will make the kitchen more lively and cheerful.

Add fresh flowers and herbs

Your initial step can be adding some fresh flowers to the kitchen. A pretty, but simple vase, placed on the counter tops with some fresh flowers will keep the kitchen fresh and lively for longer period. Along with making the kitchen visually appealing, the presence of the flowers will cheer the mood of the users too. You just have to make sure, you picked the flowers that are well suited to the theme of the kitchen and don’t forget to replace the old ones with the new flowers regularly.

Utilisation of the window will also be a great idea. Your kitchen window can be the nest of various herbs too, which will decorate the place as well as will meet your needs too.

Introduce some unusual pieces of furniture  

The addition of some unexpected pieces of furniture, like a china cabinet, credenza, etc. can naturally boost the appeal of your kitchen. As mentioned before, kitchen is a place of socialization too, some trendy and unique seating arrangements will work as the topping of the cake.

Theme kitchen

If you are not on a tight budget, you can go for a theme kitchen too. From the traditional one to a modern kitchen, ample of scopes are there to choose from. Each theme is unique and can be characterized differently. For example, a modern kitchen has to be simple, sober and at the same time, functional. Lack of ornamentation, frameless cabinets and horizontal lines are the key elements of a modern kitchen.

If you have shifted to a new house, or just want some renovation to give the kitchen a fresh look, especially a modern look, your kitchen should manifest these characteristics.

Home staging

Install floating shelves

Some beautiful renovation can be installing few floating shelves. Along with providing a new look, these shelves will maximise the use of wall spaces too, especially if you have a small kitchen.

Proper and adequate lighting

Playing around with lights, is fascinating for every home decor project. Depending on the tastes, certain changes can be done here also. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or the living room, you have to ensure adequate lighting sources to enlighten the room. Placing the lamps on the counter tops will add a different flavour to the whole decor of the kitchen. Put the lights under the cabinets to create a romantic mood. These lights can easily replace the dim lights, when full guns are not needed.


As the major portion of our busy hours we spend here, so, the decor of the kitchen has to be lively and enthusiastic enough that will rejuvenate our mood. Nowadays, imagining a kitchen without those stylish and functional kitchen gadgets is not possible. Therefore, your kitchen is no exception too. But, while arranging them, make sure they are easily reachable, when you are greatly in need of. Cut off any unnecessary products that are not used for past one or two years, especially when you have a small kitchen.

Keep your kitchen clutter free and stylish.

How to design a small bedroom to look bigger?

A bedroom is considered as the most important, but the most ill treated room of the house. Though after a hectic day, our body and mind find solace here, but still this one remaining neglected. The reason can be, limited access of the outsiders here, as a result, we don’t feel the urge of decorating or designing the room and take it casually.

But, time has changed, people are more concerned about the decoration of the bedroom. The bedroom is no longer a dumping ground of out fashioned furniture, or kid’s toys, or unsorted laundry, but treating as a real source of refreshment. Your bedroom should be an oasis of serenity, where after a hectic day, you can release the tension and recharge yourself. But, creating that ambience is not an easy task, it demands extra care and lots of passion.

Bedroom Decor

From the curtain to the rugs, each element should manifest your passion and sincerity for the room. In today’s world, when we can’t afford the luxury of staying in larger rooms, designing the areas becoming more challenging. Each and every thing of the room counts. Instead of the designing method, we need to keep more attention to the space and its utilisation.

Here, we will disclose those magic tricks that will make your room look bigger than its actual size.

Use lighter hues

Dark colors are energetic and luxurious, but not perfect, when you have to use it in a smaller place. For your small bedroom, colors like white, beige, cream, etc. will be the best option to create the illusion of a large room. Though the contrasting colors are more fascinating and lively, but they are well suited in a large room. In a small bedroom, all the decoration should be done using the same shade of colors. Even the ceiling of the room should contain the same hue as the walls, to avoid the contrasting feature.

Wise uses of wall spaces

The craziest mistake can be, while designing a small bedroom, to occupy the floor space with the things that can easily be mounted on the wall. Instead a gigantic dresser or closet, you can use shallow shelves to store your winter clothes. Floating shelves are also a brilliant idea for the small bedroom, which can easily be a replacement of the nightstand, allowing enough room for keeping the belongings like mobile phones, alarm clock, late night reading items, etc. For maximizing the use of wall spaces, lamps with flexible heads can also be mounted on the shelves.

Discover bedroom ideas on HOUSE

Go with the functional furniture

While shopping for the small bedroom, go with the furniture that are multifunctional, such as an ottoman with large storage capacity, or the side table with the capacity of holding extra sheets. Eventually, the number of the furniture will reduce and the room will also breath freely. Furniture with curved edges acquire more space than the straight line furniture, so, strict to the straight line furniture if you have a small bedroom.

Mirror, mirror

Yes, the mirror can be a wonderful solution of a small room decoration. A large mirror or the combination of several small mirrors placed on the wall work wonderfully. Along with reflecting the decoration, it reflects light, too, that make the room look larger. If you are planning to buy a closet, buy a mirror closet. It will create the illusion of a bigger room by its reflection and can be used while dressing too.

Pick a focal point to deceive the eye

Stop lamenting for having a small bedroom, instead use the trick to draw away the focus from it. How? Very simple. Pick a focal point in the room that will easily draw the attention of the viewers. The focal point can be anything like a large painting with bold contrasting colors, or a sculpture, or else, may be a set of curved sofas that will instantly draw the attention towards it.

bedroom wall decoration bedroom design ideas


To rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day, there is no alternate to a comfy and cozy bedroom. A well decorated bedroom with a comfortable and luxurious bed is simply enough to banish all the tiredness and exhaustion of a backbreaking day. The owners of the small bedroom will no longer have to be heartbroken. A little renovation, following the tips, can drastically change the whole decor of the room and will create an impression of a larger room instead.

How to design a modern living room?

A comfortable, welcoming living room is the necessity of every house. It does not matter, how messy a house is, but the living room should always be organized, fresh looking and welcoming, as this one is the most significant part of a house, where, we not only refresh and recharge ourselves but socialise with others too.

Generally, a typical living room is the entrance point of a house that welcome the guests at the very first moment they enter. So, an organised living room will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it will have to manifest the tastes of the owners too.

Modern living room design with a classic touch

A perfect living room, or alternately says, a lounge room pleases and teases the eye. It will not only be visually appealing, but be functionally stimulating, which takes part, playing different roles in different households. With time, huge changes can be perceived in the style of designing also and it’s time to decorate the living room in modern style, where minimalism and neutrality are the key features.

How to design a modern living room

In some places, a living room only considers as a formal room, reserves for entertaining the guests only. But, for others it’s a casual place for refreshing themselves with some leisure activities like watching TV, listening music, reading, etc. Whatever the purpose may be, a modern living room can be used for both the purposes. Let’s have a look, how you can transform your old room into a modern living room, just with few renovations.


As we have said earlier, modern style is based on the minimalism and neutrality. Here, in this style neutral colors rule mainly, for example, white, beige, cream, etc. Paint your walls with a coating of soft, light, neutral to give a light, but elegant impression. When you have used neutral colors as a base, punches of dynamic colors will be perfect to create visual interest. Fire engine red, lime green, tangerine orange, etc. will be the perfect selection.

Contemporary Modern Living Room Design 1


Like the colors of the walls, in a modern living room, the floor should also remain neutral. Tiles used for the floor should be of neutral colors too, and should remain nondescript. If you are planning for carpeting, make sure, the carpets are not more shaggy and not using bright colors too. Uses of neutral colors for both the walls and floors, allow enough room for the artwork, exclusive furniture, paintings, etc to capture the eye.


When we are talking about the living room, this is so obvious that our first concern will be a proper and comfortable seating arrangements, like a comfy sofa set. Mostly, every living room contains a focal point around which seating arrangements, generally, take place. Usually, seating arrangements refer to the sofa we are using in our living room. Though different sizes, shapes and patterns are available, but while you are designing a modern living room, the sofas have to be straight lines and strict geometrical shapes.

The same rule is applicable for all the major furniture used in designing the room. They have to be rigidly shaped and symmetrical too. Though the sofas are rigidly shaped, but they are extremely comfortable. Throw pillows of dynamic colors can be a good option to create the contrast.

A perfect seating arrangements around a coffee table, simply complete the picture of a perfect living room. While picking the coffee table, choose one that perfectly suited for your new living room. Dark colored furniture is perfect for a modern living room which will create a striking contrast with the white walls, especially if you want them to be focused, Or else, go with the neutral color, if you are planning to highlight the artwork that you recently bought.


If you are out of adequate natural light source in your living area, trust me, you are not alone. This is a universal issue right now. But, a modern living room demands an overflow of lights, a large window can be a great option. But, living in a city of concrete, expecting showers of natural lights, is simply a luxury.

modern living room furniture placement and living room designs

But, not to be worried, we have enough options that can illuminate your living area without the natural source. You can use recessed ceiling lights, thin-based lamps which can be placed on the floor, etc. But, beware, lighting should not be the key feature here and there is no place for big hanging bulbs here in modern style.


A well decorated living room is the demand of every household. It reflects the tastes and personality of the owners and a perfect living room requires a lot of planning and research before everything takes place perfectly. Don’t overcrowd the room with lots of furniture, instead keep it very simple, but refreshing for the visitors. Color plays an important role in modern style and in rejuvenating the mood, so always pick the right colors for the living area.