How to design a small bedroom to look bigger?

A bedroom is considered as the most important, but the most ill treated room of the house. Though after a hectic day, our body and mind find solace here, but still this one remaining neglected. The reason can be, limited access of the outsiders here, as a result, we don’t feel the urge of decorating or designing the room and take it casually.

But, time has changed, people are more concerned about the decoration of the bedroom. The bedroom is no longer a dumping ground of out fashioned furniture, or kid’s toys, or unsorted laundry, but treating as a real source of refreshment. Your bedroom should be an oasis of serenity, where after a hectic day, you can release the tension and recharge yourself. But, creating that ambience is not an easy task, it demands extra care and lots of passion.

Bedroom Decor

From the curtain to the rugs, each element should manifest your passion and sincerity for the room. In today’s world, when we can’t afford the luxury of staying in larger rooms, designing the areas becoming more challenging. Each and every thing of the room counts. Instead of the designing method, we need to keep more attention to the space and its utilisation.

Here, we will disclose those magic tricks that will make your room look bigger than its actual size.

Use lighter hues

Dark colors are energetic and luxurious, but not perfect, when you have to use it in a smaller place. For your small bedroom, colors like white, beige, cream, etc. will be the best option to create the illusion of a large room. Though the contrasting colors are more fascinating and lively, but they are well suited in a large room. In a small bedroom, all the decoration should be done using the same shade of colors. Even the ceiling of the room should contain the same hue as the walls, to avoid the contrasting feature.

Wise uses of wall spaces

The craziest mistake can be, while designing a small bedroom, to occupy the floor space with the things that can easily be mounted on the wall. Instead a gigantic dresser or closet, you can use shallow shelves to store your winter clothes. Floating shelves are also a brilliant idea for the small bedroom, which can easily be a replacement of the nightstand, allowing enough room for keeping the belongings like mobile phones, alarm clock, late night reading items, etc. For maximizing the use of wall spaces, lamps with flexible heads can also be mounted on the shelves.


Go with the functional furniture

While shopping for the small bedroom, go with the furniture that are multifunctional, such as an ottoman with large storage capacity, or the side table with the capacity of holding extra sheets. Eventually, the number of the furniture will reduce and the room will also breath freely. Furniture with curved edges acquire more space than the straight line furniture, so, strict to the straight line furniture if you have a small bedroom.

Mirror, mirror

Yes, the mirror can be a wonderful solution of a small room decoration. A large mirror or the combination of several small mirrors placed on the wall work wonderfully. Along with reflecting the decoration, it reflects light, too, that make the room look larger. If you are planning to buy a closet, buy a mirror closet. It will create the illusion of a bigger room by its reflection and can be used while dressing too.

Pick a focal point to deceive the eye

Stop lamenting for having a small bedroom, instead use the trick to draw away the focus from it. How? Very simple. Pick a focal point in the room that will easily draw the attention of the viewers. The focal point can be anything like a large painting with bold contrasting colors, or a sculpture, or else, may be a set of curved sofas that will instantly draw the attention towards it.

bedroom wall decoration bedroom design ideas


To rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day, there is no alternate to a comfy and cozy bedroom. A well decorated bedroom with a comfortable and luxurious bed is simply enough to banish all the tiredness and exhaustion of a backbreaking day. The owners of the small bedroom will no longer have to be heartbroken. A little renovation, following the tips, can drastically change the whole decor of the room and will create an impression of a larger room instead.