Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling is one of the key aspect to be considered in the interior design of your house. If you have a plain ceiling in your home, you can hang chandelier or lamp. Higher ceilings give the room a very empty look and thus when these are designed, they fill in the empty space. Some great ceiling design ideas are mentioned in the coming up paragraphs, take a look. Here we have some ceiling design which can enhance the beauty of your home.

Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling design

This ceiling ideas is one of the most used in ceiling design even this type of ceiling give cozy touch to your home. There may be many variations in the shapes of these ceilings like arched, domed and barrel, which are the commonly used ceilings in many homes. They give a beautiful cathedral like look to the room and are a little expensive on the budget. They are usually used in case of wooden ceilings and look wonderful in any color.

Drop Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling design

Drop ceiling ideas is mostly use in modern house or appartments. This type of ceiling is lower in height as compare to other ceiling but it can give smaller size to your home. They are also used to give the room a very modern, elegant and cozy look, with light arrangements placed on them. Usually used as bedroom ceiling design ideas, these ceilings are also used in kitchens and drawing rooms of many modern homes. They are quite hassle free and are flat surfaced, sometimes rough and brightly colored to give the room a unique lighting effect. It also helps save a lot of electricity for air conditioning.

Tray Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling design

Another great choice of ceiling types is the tray ceiling design, which is exclusively used for high ceilings. In this type, there are molds which are used in the borders to make the ceiling look rich and elegant, with a lovely chandelier hanging from the center. It is called so, because these tray ceiling designs look like an inverted tray, as it is flat depression with decorative molds around the edges. It provides a feeling of space and when there is some kind of lighting done around it, it gives a reflected look to the walls and the floor.

Cathedral Ceiling Design Ideas

Ceiling design

This type of ceiling design is normally used in high ceiling and large rooms. It makes your rooms look even bigger and more spacious. There are exotic and unique colors used to paint these ceilings, and the lighting also makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the house with cathedral ceiling.