How to design a modern living room?

A comfortable, welcoming living room is the necessity of every house. It does not matter, how messy a house is, but the living room should always be organized, fresh looking and welcoming, as this one is the most significant part of a house, where, we not only refresh and recharge ourselves but socialise with others too.

Generally, a typical living room is the entrance point of a house that welcome the guests at the very first moment they enter. So, an organised living room will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it will have to manifest the tastes of the owners too.

Modern living room design with a classic touch

A perfect living room, or alternately says, a lounge room pleases and teases the eye. It will not only be visually appealing, but be functionally stimulating, which takes part, playing different roles in different households. With time, huge changes can be perceived in the style of designing also and it’s time to decorate the living room in modern style, where minimalism and neutrality are the key features.

How to design a modern living room

In some places, a living room only considers as a formal room, reserves for entertaining the guests only. But, for others it’s a casual place for refreshing themselves with some leisure activities like watching TV, listening music, reading, etc. Whatever the purpose may be, a modern living room can be used for both the purposes. Let’s have a look, how you can transform your old room into a modern living room, just with few renovations.


As we have said earlier, modern style is based on the minimalism and neutrality. Here, in this style neutral colors rule mainly, for example, white, beige, cream, etc. Paint your walls with a coating of soft, light, neutral to give a light, but elegant impression. When you have used neutral colors as a base, punches of dynamic colors will be perfect to create visual interest. Fire engine red, lime green, tangerine orange, etc. will be the perfect selection.



Like the colors of the walls, in a modern living room, the floor should also remain neutral. Tiles used for the floor should be of neutral colors too, and should remain nondescript. If you are planning for carpeting, make sure, the carpets are not more shaggy and not using bright colors too. Uses of neutral colors for both the walls and floors, allow enough room for the artwork, exclusive furniture, paintings, etc to capture the eye.


When we are talking about the living room, this is so obvious that our first concern will be a proper and comfortable seating arrangements, like a comfy sofa set. Mostly, every living room contains a focal point around which seating arrangements, generally, take place. Usually, seating arrangements refer to the sofa we are using in our living room. Though different sizes, shapes and patterns are available, but while you are designing a modern living room, the sofas have to be straight lines and strict geometrical shapes.

The same rule is applicable for all the major furniture used in designing the room. They have to be rigidly shaped and symmetrical too. Though the sofas are rigidly shaped, but they are extremely comfortable. Throw pillows of dynamic colors can be a good option to create the contrast.

A perfect seating arrangements around a coffee table, simply complete the picture of a perfect living room. While picking the coffee table, choose one that perfectly suited for your new living room. Dark colored furniture is perfect for a modern living room which will create a striking contrast with the white walls, especially if you want them to be focused, Or else, go with the neutral color, if you are planning to highlight the artwork that you recently bought.


If you are out of adequate natural light source in your living area, trust me, you are not alone. This is a universal issue right now. But, a modern living room demands an overflow of lights, a large window can be a great option. But, living in a city of concrete, expecting showers of natural lights, is simply a luxury.


But, not to be worried, we have enough options that can illuminate your living area without the natural source. You can use recessed ceiling lights, thin-based lamps which can be placed on the floor, etc. But, beware, lighting should not be the key feature here and there is no place for big hanging bulbs here in modern style.


A well decorated living room is the demand of every household. It reflects the tastes and personality of the owners and a perfect living room requires a lot of planning and research before everything takes place perfectly. Don’t overcrowd the room with lots of furniture, instead keep it very simple, but refreshing for the visitors. Color plays an important role in modern style and in rejuvenating the mood, so always pick the right colors for the living area.