Six easy tricks to give your kitchen a fresh look

A kitchen is the heart of any household, around which thousands of activities take place. Nowadays, the rooms are used for multipurpose. A living room is no longer a living room only, it works as a dining area too. Though the main function of a kitchen is preparing and cooking food, but the functionality of the  kitchen is no longer confined into cooking only, but it has turned into a place of socialising and spending quality time with the friends and family members.

I agree, you have a fabulous kitchen, but anything that persists for a long time, bound to create boredom. If are you thinking of some changes that will be minimal, but will have a great impact on the whole decor of the kitchen? Trust me, you are not alone, most of the house owners are struggling with the same idea, but not courageous enough to take the initial step. Here, I will share some secret tips that will transform the whole appearance of your kitchen, adding a different flavour to it.


Play with the colors

Does your kitchen looks tiring with the same hue, persisting for years. Why don’t you give a vibrant look to the kitchen, using some different colors. If you are planning to redesign or remodel your kitchen, my suggestion will be, giving the kitchen a complete fresh look and nothing can do it quicker than a fresh coating of colors.

Instead of using the same color and giving it a look of the hospital, you can surely play with the different hues. Give your imagination set free and be brave to pick the bold colors. In case of using the neutral colors as a base, select different areas like the seating, the counter tops, etc. to paint with different vibrating hues, instead of sticking to a single color. This contrasting feature will make the kitchen more lively and cheerful.

Add fresh flowers and herbs

Your initial step can be adding some fresh flowers to the kitchen. A pretty, but simple vase, placed on the counter tops with some fresh flowers will keep the kitchen fresh and lively for longer period. Along with making the kitchen visually appealing, the presence of the flowers will cheer the mood of the users too. You just have to make sure, you picked the flowers that are well suited to the theme of the kitchen and don’t forget to replace the old ones with the new flowers regularly.

Utilisation of the window will also be a great idea. Your kitchen window can be the nest of various herbs too, which will decorate the place as well as will meet your needs too.

Introduce some unusual pieces of furniture  

The addition of some unexpected pieces of furniture, like a china cabinet, credenza, kitchen pantry, etc. can naturally boost the appeal of your kitchen. As mentioned before, kitchen is a place of socialization too, some trendy and unique seating arrangements will work as the topping of the cake.

Theme kitchen

If you are not on a tight budget, you can go for a theme kitchen too. From the traditional one to a modern kitchen, ample of scopes are there to choose from. Each theme is unique and can be characterized differently. For example, a modern kitchen has to be simple, sober and at the same time, functional. Lack of ornamentation, frameless cabinets and horizontal lines are the key elements of a modern kitchen.

If you have shifted to a new house, or just want some renovation to give the kitchen a fresh look, especially a modern look, your kitchen should manifest these characteristics.

Home staging

Install floating shelves

Some beautiful renovation can be installing few floating shelves. Along with providing a new look, these shelves will maximise the use of wall spaces too, especially if you have a small kitchen.

Proper and adequate lighting

Playing around with lights, is fascinating for every home decor project. Depending on the tastes, certain changes can be done here also. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or the living room, you have to ensure adequate lighting sources to enlighten the room. Placing the lamps on the counter tops will add a different flavour to the whole decor of the kitchen. Put the lights under the cabinets to create a romantic mood. These lights can easily replace the dim lights, when full guns are not needed.


As the major portion of our busy hours we spend here, so, the decor of the kitchen has to be lively and enthusiastic enough that will rejuvenate our mood. Nowadays, imagining a kitchen without those stylish and functional kitchen gadgets is not possible. Therefore, your kitchen is no exception too. But, while arranging them, make sure they are easily reachable, when you are greatly in need of. Cut off any unnecessary products that are not used for past one or two years, especially when you have a small kitchen.

Keep your kitchen clutter free and stylish.